About Us

Youths are becoming more intelligent, creative and persistence in attaining more academic qualifications.

To be candid here is that not all have full access to information about ways in securing admission into higher institutions to study abroad.

Young lads can only be successful in fulfilling their dreams and drive to excel if they are exposed to accurate information that meets with their academic career.

They are funding programs set up by the school community or private investors for students with low funds.

They are also scholarships for undergraduate and graduate to further their academic pursuits.

SchoolMill is the educational base for various scholarship information to study abroad for all smart students that want to further their educational careers outside their location.

We provide information on international scholarships, local grants, courses, international grants and more.

Our intentions are to assist students get this information from developing countries at your fingertips with ease.

The ability to secure finance is one of the biggest issues affecting students to complete their schooling.

We want you all to note that schoolmill.com will NOT in any way ask you to pay for any information because it's 100% free.

We DO NOT allocate funds to students to study abroad.

We'll not apply for a scholarship program for you, rather we'll guide you (step-by-step guide).

Remember to use our social media group community with over 26, 000 members to drop in your questions, we'll attend to you as soon as we can.

Goodluck Lads