What is the Cost of Studying in Canada 2020/2021

Cost of Studying in Canada is a question thrown daily by young and old who want to further their education in Canada.

In this blog post, we will talk about the cost of studying in Canada...

As you all know now that Canada is among one of the most common study location for international students because Canada offers a very large variety of experiences and opportunities.

Well, the good news is that international students can now study in Canada with fewer expenses because of its low-cost tuition fees compare to other countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

To make everything much easier for your research, the Canada Educational Council which is the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) have provided an online tool which is very useful for international students to calculate the cost of studying in Canada universities and also the tool provides guidelines on documents need to apply for any degree program in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada

Some institutions in Canada make their own tuition fees available for international and Homebase student and it depends on the program you want to study either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

Statistics Canada shows that Canada tuition fees decrease by 5.3% for undergraduate students in Canada while it increases by 7.6% for international undergraduate students.

Moreover, as a Canadian citizen, you are expected to pay an average of USD$7,056 per year for the undergraduate level while USD$6,463 for the graduate level. 

Tuition Fees For Undergraduate

Statistics Canada stated that average tuition fees for international undergraduate students in 2019/2020 fall in CA$29,714 (USD$22,500) per annum.

Humanities courses tend to be cheaper CA$7,308.56 (USD$5,542)

Engineering and Medicine are more expensive CA$21,717 (USD$16,446)

Dentistry and Medicine CA$14,162 (USD$10,724).

Business and Management Courses are lower CA$6,827 (USD$5,170) per year.

Tuition Fees For Postgraduate

The tuition fees for the postgraduate level in Canada are generally lower and it also varies which depends on your academic program.

Again, according to Statistics Canada, an average postgraduate tuition fee for international students is at the range of CA$17,744 (USD$13,437) which is a 4% increase from the previous year.

Meanwhile, the most expensive program is the Executive MBA program with the cost of CA$56,328 (USD$42,657).

However, the Regular MBA program is average at CA$27,397 (USD$20,747).

What is the Living Cost in Canada?

You all need to know that the living cost in Canada varies, which means it depends on the location of your choice and how you spend but for places like Quebec, you will need to have CA$11,000 (USD$8,300) or more.

According to the Government of Canada, the Canadian student visa requirement states that you must have at least CA$10,000 (USD$7,570).

The Université DE Montreal estimates students will want a complete of CA$14,700 per annum as well as housing, food, accommodation, books, and course provides phone prices and miscellaneous expenses.

The University of British Columbia, located in Vancouver, estimates living prices of CA$15,500 per annum, not together with obligatory insurance, which is CA$864 per annum beneath the BC Health set up.

Toronto was the foremost high-priced Canadian town to live in, closely followed by Vancouver, with rent particularly high in both cities. Source here

Private shared accommodation can cost around CA$8,400 (USD$6,361) per year plus bills.

The 3 main varieties of student accommodation (homestay, university accommodation, and personal accommodation) vary significantly in prices, with students paying around CA$3,000 - CA$7,500 (USD$2,271 – USD$5,680) for on-campus accommodation every year.

University accommodation is usually cheaper, with some universities providing meal plans to permit you to buy food from the university’s food shops.

Numbeo in October 2019 outlined some examples of average living expenses in Canada;

  • Restaurant Food: CA$16 (USD$12)
  • One-way ticket on Public Transportation: CA$3 (USD$2.27)
  • One Loaf of Bread: CA$2.86 (USD$2.17)
  • One Cinema Ticket: CA$13.50 (USD$10.22)
  • Monthly Gym Fee: CA$48.25 (USD$36.54)

What is the actual fee for Student Visa and Application Fee?

Now, finally, note that applying for a study permit (student visa and application fees) costs CA$150 (USD$114).